Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

BFF’s Of Dorothy


It’s the age-old dilemma: What do you get the stereotypical queens on your holiday list?

Male torso sculptures are just too expensive and, well, no. We just can’t support those.

But we will get behind a little Wizard of Oz action for those who enjoy the comfort of old-school gay iconography. And now that Warner Bros. Studios has allowed CafePress to sell official merchandise, it’s easier than clicking your heels together three times to get what you want.

Now you can find everything from flying monkey hoodies and dead witch tees to Tin Man iPhone cases and Scarecrow boxer briefs. Of course, there’s nothing like a romp around the beach in flip-flops imprinted with the rub slipper sparkle (above) or cozying up in a Toto snuggie.

There are a whopping 1400 designs available, so finding something perfect for your Friends of Dorothy is practically guaranteed.

No help from the Lollipop Guild necessary.

Wizard of Oz Merchandise at CafePress