Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Two – Timing Wino


When we were in college, throwing an extravagant dinner party meant giving guests the option of beef- or shrimp-flavored Cup O Noodles accompanied by Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill (pairs best with red meat seasoning packets, of course) and Mango Grove (delicious with “seafood”)!

Thankfully, our tastes have grown more sophisticated and our dinner parties are now legendary bacchanalian orgies of gourmet cuisine and fine wines. And that means tablescapes adorned with sexy decanters so that every bottle has time to breathe and open up to its full potential.

But our table was getting so crowded with all those decanters.

Until now. This Duo Decanter from Uncommon Goods is as functional as it is elegant. Handcrafted and mouth-blown in Slovenia, it creates an ideal presentation for two different reds, two different whites, or a red and a white.

Best of all, unlike our previous multi-decanter system, this beauty keeps us in check by allowing us only two bottles open at one time.

So we can slow our roll in real style.

And not fall asleep when mouth-blowing after dinner.

Duo Decanter, $200