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Living La Vida Local


We love our Apple TV. It helped us ditch cable for good because we are able to watch 90% of our favorite shows via Hulu Plus, Netflix or iTunes.

The only thing missing from the experience was local programming.

But now we can catch our local news and anything on the major broadcast networks thanks to Dyle mobile TV and the Audiovox mobileTV Receiver. It works on almost every iOS and Android device, too.

Sure, we wish we could get local content on our big screen. But we’re watching more and more shows on our iPad these days, so it’s something we’re growing fond of. Especially because this means we can catch our local ABC morning show from a nearby park. Or beach. Or bicycle built for two (when we’re in back, of course).

Most major markets utilize Dyle technology to deliver programming from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Qubo, Telemundo and Univision. (Because everyone knows we can’t live without our Sabado Gigante.)

Best of all, Dyle uses a TV signal, not the Internet, so it’s easy to connect almost anywhere without the ever-annoying buffering of streaming content. That means it won’t eat up your data plan.

And the tiny antenna folds up to fit right in your front pocket.

Try doing that with a cable box.

Or a satellite dish.

Audiovox mobiletv Receiver with Dyle mobile TV, $99.99