Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

‘Tis Better To Give Back


As kids, we thought volunteering meant going onstage when the magician asked for someone to saw in half.

Which is probably why we’re still scared any time somebody mentions the V word. Or chains themselves up and jumps in the deep end of our pool with two minutes to escape.

But there’s a local group that’s helped us come to terms with our previous volunteeraphobia. It’s called Gay For Good and we first discovered the organization back in August (when they were doing an event at the Dallas Zoo).

Tomorrow, they’re headed to Fort Worth for the first time, meaning you can combine your need to give back with your desire to go on a mini road trip. After being trapped in our house for four days last weekend during the ice storm, we’re thrilled to drive anywhere.

The G4G group will be working at Tarrant Area Food Bank’s warehouse quality control area. All you need to do is show up in comfortable clothing and close-toed shoes (and be older than 16). You’ll help sort food, move boxes and do anything else needed to help get groceries to people in need this holiday season.

So skip the madness of the mall and give in a different way altogether.

No bows or wrapping paper required.

Gay For Good Volunteer Day
December 14, 2013 at noon
Tarrant Area Food Bank
2600 Cullen Street, Fort Worth
Contact Jason O’Neill with questions at modeljco@yahoo.com