Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gaying To Win


For many people, winter is ski season. For us, it’s board game season. (We don’t like to be cold. Or wear unflattering waterproof jumpsuits.)

But except for our X-rated versions of Pictionary or Full-Contact Naked Charades, most group games aren’t gay enough for our tastes.

Well, looks like our Lesbian Godmother has granted our wishes.

Introducing, That’s So Gay!, a new trivia challenge from Tracy Baim, publisher of Windy City Times in Chicago. Not only is the game a way to reclaim “That’s so gay!” as a phrase of positivity, it’s also a fantastic way to learn more about our queer history, from news events to pop culture milestones.

The object of the game is to answer questions in a variety of categories in order to build a rainbow flag (because that Trivial Pursuit pie just reminds us of carbs).

Color-specific categories include RED (Celebrities, Athletes and Historical Figures), ORANGE (Politics, Protest and the Courts), YELLOW (Movies, Television and Media), GREEN (Music, Theater and Dance), BLUE (Literature, Art, Fashion and Culture) and PURPLE (Science, Spirituality, Health and Grab Bag).

Questions range from easy… The Adventures of _____, Queen of the Desert.

To the more obscure… Journalist Lorena Hickok “fell madly in love” with which U.S. First Lady?

(Don’t worry, that last one is multiple choice.)

The game is fast, fun and—just like time with your family—better with a bottle of wine.

That’s So Gay!
$24.99 + $8 shipping