Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Belt One Out


Finally: karaoke for good, not evil.

Tomorrow night, join Little Chalupa for Kristmas Karaoke at one of our favorite gay dive bars, The Pavilion Lounge (formerly known as Barbara’s Pavillion with an incorrectly spelled pavillion) in Oak Cliff.

It works just like regular karaoke, except this time you’ll be forking over $2 per song (holiday carol, rock anthem, or anything for which you’ve developed stellar choreography and costume changes). All proceeds go directly to Legacy Counseling Center and Founders Cottage, so we hope you’re ready to sing your little hearts out.

Karaoke at this neighborhood bar is always fun, but throw in a little extra yuletide cheer and it’s going to be legendary. Epic. Monumental.

So whether you can sing like Streisand, or you’re struggling to hit notes like that poor Dion girl, it doesn’t matter. This is one night when we want to hear every single word.

Just remember, the shorter the song, the more money we can raise for Legacy.

And the more chances you have to soak up the spotlight.

Kristmas Karaoke with Little Chalupa
Saturday, December 21, 9:00 p.m.
The Pavilion Lounge
325 Centre Street, Dallas