Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

YouTube Is So Gay


It’s been a good year for us gays, girls. YouTube tells us so!

Gay marriage swept the land, and with it came videotaped proposals that rival Broadway productions. Celebs turned to YouTube, instead of Oprah, in droves to come out. Not to mention the plethora of shirtless hunks, twinks with enormous hair and five-o’clock-shadowed drag queens making us RFLOL with the click of a mouse.

Here are some of our fave YouTube videos of 2013…

Spencer’s Home Depot Proposal

There were enough elaborate gay marriage proposals posted online this year to make even us gag (that’s a good thing, big boy), but Spencer’s flash mob proposal to Dustin in a Home Depot in Salt Lake City, of all places, stole our heart.

25 Ways To Know You’re Gay 

We’re huge Davey Wavey fans – and not just because he likes to talk dirty to us topless…well, actually, that’s totally it. In this video, he hooked up with another GLD fave, the adorable Tyler Oakley, for a rundown of the 25 ways to know you’re gay. (#9 slays us! Share a sniff, Davey!)

Fred Comes Out

This summer, YouTube sensation turned Nickelodeon star Lucas Cruikshank, a.k.a. Fred Figglehorn, came out to his millions of fans online with his bestie Jenny by his side. It not only tickled our funny bone, but also made us proud that he could do it so nonchalantly with little backlash from his young fans. There’s hope for America after all!

This Boy Is A Bottom

And just because it’s completely silly and creative, Willam’s “This Boy Is A Bottom” made our list of faves for 2013. Nice pipes, girls!


We know, we know…we almost certainly missed a lot of other fab videos. We only had room for four. Tell us what you think were the best videos in the comments below.