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Best Of 2013: Privacy, Please


Some people use the internet to look at naked pictures. Others even go so far as to have dirty sex chats.

Shocking, we know. But it happens. A friend told us so.

And even though it might be exciting to find out what the guy on the other end of the conversation might be wearing (or not wearing), we don’t really want there to be a permanent record out there of our most private thoughts. Or 100% completely normal, all-American, vaseline-coated My Little Pony fetish.

Thankfully, there’s finally a solution to keeping pictures of our privates private that works seamlessly in our favorite browsers. It’s called OTR, Off the Record Messaging, a plug-in now available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

It works just like any other chat program, except that after sending racy comments or scandalous photos, they disappear five seconds after being viewed.

Finally making it safe for millions of citizens to run for Congress.

OTR Off the Record Messaging