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Resolution Week: Juicy Details


With New Year’s Day falling on a Wednesday this year, chances are you took the rest of the week off. And because you were still in vacation mode, that made all those eating healthier resolutions harder to achieve.

But now it’s Monday and the excuses are officially exhausted. So kick start your healthy habits by incorporating Roots Juices into your daily diet. It’s easier than ever now that they’ve opened a storefront on Oak Lawn Avenue.

Order at the counter and take your Watermelon Cooler (watermelon & fennel), Cardio Blast (cocoa and carrot) or Fat Fighter (grapefruit, orange, ginger and cayenne) to-go.

Or pretend you’re at a bar and hang around with better-for-you cocktail-like concoctions such as Pear Pleasure (pears and pineapple), Melon Mania (cantaloupe, honeydew and mint) or Hydrate (cucumber, lime, mint, apple and ginger).

Of course, if you had a bit too much real cocktail consumption over the holidays, we suggest stocking up on Liver Cleanse (beets, carrots, apple, aloe and ginger). Better yet, opt for a full 3 or 5 day cleanse and detox.

The new store also offers up smoothies and specialty waters, too. And if you’re still stuck in happy hour mentality, we’re pretty sure you could convince some twink walking by to let you do a wheatgrass body shot off his six-pack.

Then when you get your own ripped abs, you can stand around shirtless and offer up the service yourself.

Roots Juices
3527 Oak Lawn Avenue