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Resolution Week: Snack Healthy


If there’s Cheetos dust on your fingers while you’re reading this, we really need to talk. Heck, even if you’ve got hummus clumps on your hands, we’ve got some good intel to share.

Say hello to Graze, an online delivery service with more than 90 nutritious snack options. You can choose monthly or weekly delivery (depending on service availability in your location).

Each Graze box is just six bucks and includes four snacks (shipping included).

That means in just a couple weeks, you could be enjoying cinnamon pretzels and honey almonds, a trail mix with an abundance of nut varieties, or dried cherries and berries. The munchable possibilities are practically endless, whether you prefer sweet or savory.

Best of all, it’s easy to ensure you receive only the snacks you like.

Go to the web site and under each item, you can select to try it in a future delivery. If you taste it and don’t like it, trash it and you’ll never get it again. Of course, you can also like or love an item to increase the chances of receiving that item more often.

Eating healthy is always exciting when it’s fun, easy and flexible.

Just like dating male strippers.

Graze Boxes, $6 (shipping included)