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Resolution Week: Stage A Comeback


When we were young, we had a recurring dream. OK, two, but one isn’t suitable for print. The other, however, was that we got a backstage pass to see Madonna in concert and quickly became best friends. (We’d just seen Truth or Dare and she seemed like she’d totally need us in her entourage.)

Editor’s Note: Before our gay awakening, we dreamed of befriending Amy Grant, not that trashy whore in the wedding dress singing about virgins.

Now, we’re fantasizing about another life-changing opportunity: The DTC Stage Pass. It’s our entry to a world of culture without the hoity-toity price tag.

Think of it as an all-you-can-eat buffet, but for live theater.

For just $25 per month, you can attend as many Dallas Theater Center performances as you’d like. That means you could catch Oedipus el Rey 17 times, Fortress of Solitude six, Sherlock Holmes 22 (you’ve always had a thing for Watson), and Les Misérables for every single show.

All you have to do is arrive at the theater an hour or so before curtain and as long as there are unsold seats, you’ll be given the best available ticket for that show. Bring your friends and they’ll be able to buy tickets for 15% off, just for being part of your entourage.

It’s perfect for the theater-obsessed.

Or anyone addicted to standing ovation participation.

DTC Stage Pass
$25 monthly auto debit (minimum 3-month commitment)



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