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Resolution Week: Hunger Game Over


It’s Day Three of our Resolution Week stories and we must admit: It’s fun offering up goals for other people. Because our pledge to eat better and drink less was pretty much voided at 12:03 a.m. 1/1/14 as we shoved a sixth giant chocolate chip cookie in our mouth and washed it down with our ninth glass of champagne. Since midnight.

But we totally have faith in your willpower.

So when it comes time to find a restaurant that can help you live up to the expectations of this summer’s smallest swimsuit, we suggest you turn to our favorite restaurant of 2013—HG SPLY CO.

They’ve revamped their menu and it’s even better than before. Now, in addition to their most popular paleo, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free delights, they’ve added a few new greats, including some delectable twists on all-time favorites.

For extra winter soul-warming, they’re now serving their hefty bowl of mussels in a rich, earthy carrot ginger jus. It’s completely unexpected. Although ginger, carrots and mussels still conjures up images of this.

A favorite new offering is the buffalo quinoa meatballs with Brussels sprouts chips, Deep Ellum Blue fondue and balsamic caramelized onions. This is what we’d eat while watching the Super Bowl. If we watched the Super Bowl.

And now, for anyone who was too perplexed to build their own bowl, they’ve created six signature protein-and-veggie creations. The Local Stirfry of NY strip, spicy broccoli & bacon, peppers and mushrooms is bursting with authentic Asian flavors. Just much higher quality ingredients.

If this is what it means to eat healthier, we may turn back the clock a week and try again with our resolutions today.

But because we just slammed our second Bloody Mary, we’re only ready to commit to one.

New winter menu now available
2008 Greenville Avenue, Dallas