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Resolution Week: Longer Than A Tweet


Sad to admit, but we don’t read nearly as many books as we used to. Thanks to social media (and a boyfriend who likes us to read Dr. Seuss to him before he falls asleep), we’ve had a hard time getting through anything longer than a haiku lately.

But that was before we got our hands on Pee-Shy by Dr. Frank Spinelli. We planned to simply skim through it to get the gist of whether or not it was worth recommending, but we couldn’t put this memoir down.

Childhood abuse is a heavy subject, but Spinelli manages to infuse his writing with an impeccable amount of wit—just enough to balance out the harsh realities of a tragic situation.

When as an adult he discovers that his molester has adopted a son and been named Father of the Year, he sets out to right so many wrongs. His honesty and candor make for a compelling read with elements of suspense and intrigue worthy of a blockbuster fiction thriller.

Ultimately, the book has the potential to be a healing resource for anyone who has experienced abuse in his or her lifetime. Knowing that there are others out there never erases the past, but definitely provides a sense of community, compassion and understanding.

Best of all, it’s gotten us to turn off the DVR and get a book back in our hands.

Pee-Shy by Frank Spinelli $11.25