Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Resolution Week: Man Up


As you probably already know, we’re willing to try anything once. That goes for everything from radical facials and bizarre spa rituals to role playing home invaders with naked college guys in dark Waco apartments.

(For the record, we’d do that last one twice.)

Some results are good enough to shout from the rooftop, others not so much. (Case in point: We once had our entire body sugared for smooth-as-a-baby skin and it was such a horrifically painful experience and two-month recovery period that we would never recommend it to anyone).

But in our career of voluntarily being poked and prodded in various states of undress, there’s one treatment that has changed our lives for the better.

And deepened our voice in the process.

For several months now we’ve been injecting ourselves with human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and testosterone therapy, all under the guidance of Dr. Abraham Armani and Bill Moore over at Advanced Skin Fitness.

After getting our blood drawn, the labs showed that our testosterone levels were hovering somewhere between Honey Boo Boo and Rip Taylor.

Yet just a few weeks of hormone therapy and regular exercise later and we started rapidly losing fat, gaining lean muscle and experiencing a huge surge in our sex drive. (Our sincerest apologies to our boyfriend, the sofa cushions and one deeply shamed chicken pot pie.)

What’s remarkable is that we’ve experienced incredible results without modifying our lifestyle much. When we really concentrated on eating healthy and eliminating alcohol, the results were even more dramatic.

Just ask the chicken pot pie.

Testosterone Therapy at Advanced Skin Fitness
2928 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas
$2500 for six month program (includes physican fees, all medication and supplies)
$395 initial lab work (to determine eligibility/need for hormone therapy)

Mention Gay List Daily by January 31 and save $500 off the six-month program.