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Resolution Week: Rise & Shine


Getting more rest may seem like a silly New Year’s resolution to some, but we’ll do anything to get our full 13 hours of sleep every night (it’s how we stay so youthful and vibrant). And if we can achieve that without a handful of Ambien, a jug of wine and our white noise machine, even better.

That’s why we’re now taking Berry Sleepy capsules before hitting the bed. They’re made from 100% fruit, not some crazy chemicals produced in a Big Pharma lab.

Passion fruit is used to calm and relax. Tart cherries help regulate sleep patterns. And goji berries help you wake up refreshed and ready to go. Think of it as a sleep cocktail without the tiny paper umbrella.

What we love most is that unlike other sleep aids we’ve taken over the years, we don’t feel groggy when we wake up.

Because if we’re going to wake up with a hangover, we want it to be from a fun night before, not because of a sleeping pill.

It’s all about priorities.

Berry Sleepy, $39.97 (60 capsules/1 month supply)