Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nothing But Nettles


We look forward to a lot of solo debuts. It’s just that they’re usually on Randy Blue, not music albums.

But still.

Fans of Sugarland will be thrilled tomorrow when one half of that duo, Jennifer Nettles, releases her debut solo album, That Girl.

She’s got a voice that’s velvety, nuanced and mature without sounding too much older than her years, if that’s possible. The album’s vibe returns the singer to her roots of country, ’70s radio, gospel and singer/songwriter and it’s already one of our favorites of the past few months.

She co-wrote 10 out of the 11 tracks, including the debut single, That Girl, which we simply adore. Check out the video and we think you’ll agree that it’s entirely possible to get hot and bothered by a woman.

In a completely PG way, at that.

That Girl, Jennifer Nettles
$11.88 CD at amazon.com
$7.99 on iTunes