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Underwear Of The Month: Member Worship


It’s a brand new year, so what better time to clean out that drawer filled with briefs and boxers that should be displayed in the Smithsonian for their historical value.

Because as Mom always said, “If your underwear’s not current, sexy and bulge-enhancing, how are you ever going to snag a man?”

Well, we’re gonna make our mama proud now that we’ve joined DailyJocks, a monthly underwear delivery service that guarantees we’ll be strutting around town in the very latest designer skivvies—at a discount, no less.

For just $21.95 per month (including free shipping), you’ll receive a pair of underwear in your specified size. You’ll also be able to select whether you prefer jock straps, briefs or trunks and they’ll do their best to match you up with your style of choice.

But no matter what you receive, you’ll be getting something flattering and contemporary, including styles exclusive to DailyJocks, which will decrease the likelihood of that dreadfully embarrassing locker room situation of running into a dude in the same underwear.

For our first delivery, we received a new-to-us brand called Bluebuck, seen above on the gorgeous Andrew Ramming. (Yeah, we’d like to put that last name to the test.)

What’s really cool is that the pair we received retails for $35, so membership has already paid off.

In addition to monthly delivery, members receive special offers and discounts, as well as access to a sexy community feed where you can post your own undie pics or videos or just check out other members’, well, members.

So here’s to a year filled with new discoveries.

And an underwear drawer that will be the envy of all who see it.

$21.95 per month with free shipping