Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pucker Perfect


There’s nothing worse than seducing a guy from across the room, making an introduction, buying him a drink, taking him to dinner, going out for coffee and dessert afterward, hitting a dance bar for a nightcap and the opportunity to show off our Abdul-esque moves, escorting him back to our place, leading him to the sofa, then gently swooping in for a kiss only to pull back with chunks of his skin stuck to our mouth.

Yep, winter wreaks havoc on lips. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with dry, scaly, painful pucker pillows.

Whisper hello to Miracle Lips, available in both a salve and a serum for maximum moisture penetration. (And who doesn’t enjoy a little moist penetration?)

Z-131015-River_Rocks-with_Products-V1Miracle Lips products aren’t made with petroleum or bee’s wax like other brands. Instead, they utilize more than 25 natural and organic butters, vitamins, enzymes and peptids to moisturize and exfoliate chapped, dry lips. Propolis and tea tree oil offer anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory protection, which also can heal fever blisters, cold sores and constantly cracked lips.

No company should use the word miracle lightly, but that’s truly the only description that’s adequate for this incredible line of lip products.

Buy us a plane ticket to your city and we’ll be happy to prove it to you with an epic make-out session.

Or just take our word for it and send us the cash equivalent.

Miracle Lips, $16.99-$32.99