Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ads Of Steel


People always complain about advertising. Not us. Especially when it’s filled with chiseled man candy.

That’s the entire premise behind Hunkvertising.com, a site dedicated to online, print and television ads featuring sexy guys. Broken down by what is apparently the top four regions for skin-baring males (American, European, Australian and Italian), it’s a treasure trove of sexiness that makes us want to buy everything they’re selling.

We figured this was a perfect way to spend the holiday today if you’re actually stuck at work.  You never know what you’ll discover, like this hilarious gem featuring our beloved Leslie Jordan.

The Hunkvertising site hasn’t had an updated post since December 31, so either there’s a current shortage of half-naked men hawking snack foods and underwear or they’re on an extended vacation.

Fortunately, they’ve got a really big, juicy archive.