Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Monroe Doctrine


Some like it hot. Some of us prefer blondes. And others of us have been itching for quite some time now.

But one thing is consistent. We love Marilyn Monroe and have been fascinated with her life as long as we can remember. NBC’s Smash only revived that obsession, but it was all too short-lived.

Now we have the chance to get another glimpse into the life of the superstar in Marilyn: Forever Blonde, a hypothetical last chance to tell her life’s story in her own words.

Researched from hundreds of quotes from the icon herself, Greg Thompson has created a play that takes a deep look at a fascinating life cut way too short. It promises laughter, tears and just enough scandal for one heartbreaking true Hollywood story.

We’ll be wearing our best white dress. Now to find a subway grate to stand on.

Marilyn: Forever Blonde
January 22 – 26, 2014

Tickets: $27.50-$66.50
Wyly Theatre
2400 Flora Street, Dallas