Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hungry Villagers


Well, eating healthy lasted almost three full weeks. Pretty sure that’s a record, so we’re standing proud (and sucking in).

But we got to craving a burger so badly that we almost drove through the Golden Arches. Thankfully, we didn’t quite reach that level of desperation. Instead, we hit the newest location of Village Burger Bar, which opened late last year on Inwood Road.

Boy are we glad we held out for quality, too. We’ve long been fans of the original West Village locale, so when we found ourselves nearing that ominous 635 point of no return, we were grateful to see a familiar name.

Luckily, we had friends in tow to share in the spoils of multiple burgers and a starter of the almost-better-than-sex, secret-recipe Warm Village Dip. Ooey, gooey, cheesy, and creamy, we even saved a spoonful to put on one of our burgers and it just might be the best bite we’ve ever put in our mouths that wasn’t from a fine dining establishment.

As for the on-the-menu burgers, picking a favorite is an exercise in futility. The simple Champagne & Cheddar Burger (the bubbly’s in the mustard) is old-fashioned ramped up a notch. The Sweet & Spicy Turkey Burger also wows with its fun combo of jalapeño jack cheese and dried cranberries atop a delectably juicy turkey patty.

Of course, you can build your own with your choice of nine cheeses, 13 sauces, and 16 toppings. Add in some killer onion rings and double-sweet potato fries with cinnamon and local honey, and you’ll be one happy chomper.

Best of all, until March 31, this Village Burger Bar location will donate 100% of profits to the North Texas Food Bank.

Eating salads sure isn’t going to help anyone out like that.

Village Burger Bar
12300 Inwood Road, Dallas