Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cupid’s New Bow


During our brief stint living in a nudist colony, looking good for Valentine’s Day simply meant a little extra body grooming. And shaping certain areas into hearts.

But for those in the clothed world, romantic holidays require a little more preparation (though we still recommend some strategic manscaping).

To look your most dapper this year, check out Beau Ties Ltd. and their line of VDay-themed bow ties. That means adorning your neck with patterns featuring elephant Cupids, hearts, chocolates or hedgehogs in love, as well as more traditional (simple) designs.

Made from cotton, silk twills, woven silks or silk jacquards, many options are available as regular neckties, too.

Just do the world a favor: If you’re wearing a grey suit, please forego the red bow tie.

Ain’t nothing sexy looking like Pee-wee Herman.

Beau Ties Ltd. Valentine’s Day Bow Ties