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Brunch Of The Month: All Thai’d Up


If we could eat at Pakpao Thai every day of the year, we’d be happy.

OK, we lie. We’d be ecstatic.

It’s one of our favorite restaurants and now they’ve launched their own version of our favorite meal: brunch. What we love most is how seamlessly they infused everyday brunch items with authentic Thai flavors without anything feeling contrived.

Start with a Thai Lemongrass Bloody Mary, a light and refreshing version of the cocktail staple. Tamarind mimosas and lychee bellinis are solids spins on the classics.

As for food, we recommend bringing friends (or elastic pants) so you can sample as many dishes as possible.

Begin with omelets. The thai version features ground pork, onion and cilantro. Or upgrade to jumbo lump crab meat, Chinese celery, onion, bell pepper, curry powder and smoked chili. We love them both so much, it’s hard to choose a favorite. (Now we know how Sophie felt.)

Wok fried egg salad (above) has a nice kick with bird’s eye chile. And the shrimp rice soup is a luscious option for those who are egg-averse.

Then end your grazing with an order of taro pancakes for dessert. Crispy around the edges and chock full of meaty taro pieces, they offer unexpected flavors and textures that are a joy from first bite to last, especially with the five-spice syrup along for the ride.

Try Pakpao brunch this weekend. We’ll be the ones in the corner with thirteen plates on the table.

Sitting alone.

Pakpao Thai Sunday Brunch
Starting at 11:00 a.m.
1628 Oak Lawn Avenue (behind Oak), Dallas



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