Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Smells Like Love


Cupid just popped out of his hole in the ground and saw his shadow. That means two more weeks of Valentine’s Day propaganda.

Because, let’s face it: Whether you’re madly in love or in between boyfriends for the 477th time, all the V-Day hype is a little overwhelming. And more than a little cloying.

So in grand ironic fashion, what better way to escape all the hand-holding, eskimo-kissing, chocolate-covered 69ing hoopla than a long, hot bubble bath illuminated and scented by a luxurious Valentine’s Day-themed candle?

Trust us, it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

The Love Connection candle from Xela Aroma is hand-poured, soy-based, and has the enticing fragrance of currant berry, bitter orange and bergamot. It’s lightly sweet, but not so holiday-specific that you can’t burn it every day. And at 70 hours from one candle, that can happen for many days to come.

Best of all, you can order yours adorned with the graphic that best fits the Valentine’s Day sentiment you wish to convey. Order the cupid silhouette for your secret crush; LOVE for Mom; and LOVE Stinks for your ex.

Because you’re too gay to burn down his house with a gas can and newspaper.

Love Connection Candles, $38.00