Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Posturing For Attention


Everyone’s heard that the clothes make the man, but we never expected them to completely re-create him.

But that’s exactly what the UpCouture T-shirt does.

This unique tee helps men (and women) stand up straight by preventing slouching through advanced “Figure 8” technology. This holds the upper back upright, circles around the shoulders and anchors on each upper arm, gently forcing correct placement of all your torso-y bits.


If you start to slump, there’s a light bit of pressure that reminds you to correct your posture.

As a result, you’ll feel more confident and present a more charismatic version of yourself to the world. It’s hard to believe how powerful good posture can be in making someone more physically attractive (though any gay chiropractor will preach this to you like a zealot), but it’s true.

We recommend the dark colors over the white, unless you plan to wear underneath another shirt. (The white allows a bit of the Figure 8 to show through underneath.)

At $170 for a T-shirt, it’s definitely not going to replace your every shirt, but we think wearing one even every couple of days is enough to remind us when we’re reverting back to our disgruntled-teen sloth pose.

After only a few minutes on, you’ll definitely notice the difference.

Onward, and upright!

UpCouture T-Shirt, $170
Ships direct from Paris