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Play With Your Selfie


And for our next trick, behold as we make our iPhone 5 magically spin. All on its own. No strings. Nothing hidden up our sleeves.

You can do it, too, as long as you download Cycloramic or Cycloramic Pro.

This amazing app taps into the iPhone’s existing hardware to take not just panoramic pictures, but full 360-degree masterpieces. Handsfree.

After downloading the app, simply turn on your Vibrate on Silent mode under Settings and get ready for pure magic.

Set your case-less phone on any hard, level surface and watch as it slowly circles the room and captures everything in one still image or video. Capture everyone seated at a dinner party. Or the entire view of you in your paisley square-cut on the beach in St. Kitts.

The company also offers a separate app, Selfie360, which uses the forward-facing camera to create incredible, full-motion animated selfies. Choose from Portrait Selfie, Panoramic Selfie, or Full 3D Selfie modes.

Grindr and Scruff, get ready. This could be a profile pic game changer.

Cycloramic Pro
$1.99 at iTunes

Free at iTunes