Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hello, Hydration!


We’re about as sporty as a Spice Girl. Less so, probably.

We work out like madmen, but if coordination is involved, we’ll be picked last for every team from here to eternity.

That doesn’t stop us from attempting to achieve a soccer player body before we die. So why not start with a beverage made specifically by people with a passion for fútbol.

Check out Golazo (the Spanish word screamed when a player scores a particularly brilliant goal), a very different kind of sports drink.

usa-02_06_14(2)Made with real coconut water, Golzao’s packed with potassium and natural electrolytes (also key to helping that morning hangover). It’s sweetened with all natural ingredients, too, including agave, our sweetener of choice these days. What it’s missing is 50% of the sodium and 100% of the high fructose corn syrup of regular sports drinks.

The result is a delicious, lightly sweet beverage that’ll perk you up after any kind of workout. Or try as a lighter mixer for your next cocktail party. (The Mandarina and vodka is particularly delightful.)

Because we can’t drink anything without trying it out with booze.

Maybe that’s why we still don’t have the leg muscles of a soccer god. Yeah, that’s it.

Golazo All Natural Sports Hydration
Available in select stores on the west coast.
$28.44 per 20-ounce 12-pack at amazon.com