Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!


PhillipsRazors_HeSaidMag-276x230Rufus wasn’t kidding when he said “scruffy boy’s faces have general run of the town.”  Love it or hate it, scruffy is in (and flannel is back too – did we learn nothing from the 90′s!?).  But how to keep that 5 O’clock shadow from looking like it’s running behind? Enter the Norelco Stubble Trimmer ® – the only trimmer on the market designed specifically for those not quite ready for the World Beard and Mustache Competition, but not exactly in the routine of a close shave every morning.

Beyond the slick, bathroom-display-friendly design, the trick with this thing is that you can set it for virtually ANY length of stubble: from “Man, that Tuesday night party went so late I woke up too late to shave” Level 1 to “No, actually it really just grows this way. I guess I’m just lucky” Level 4 to “Swarthy is just what I do” level 9. Sharper-than-titanium blades keep it cutting clean and quick, and at a measly $39.99, it’s an easy way to keep your scruff sexy instead of pubescent. Trust us, this is an investment worth making.

And yes, father’s day is coming up, but instead of trying to explain to your Dad why it’s OK not to shave every day, we’d suggest picking him up the more classic yet undeniably cool Norelco Arcitec ®, whose 360 pivoting head makes for a close shave on even the toughest face. Actually, we think if you let it, it might just shave you in your sleep while you’re not looking.  It’s sneaky that way.

More info and places to buy at phililps.com