Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Reincarnation: It’s Real, Folks!


We love the concept behind Kitchen LTO (Limited Time Only). Every four months, the space gets a makeover and the chef gets the heave-ho so a new one can take his place.

It’s the inspiration for our own Bedroom LTO (although we’re opting for a switch-up every four days).

Make your reservations now for the inaugural weekend of Kitchen LTO 2.0 with new chef Eric Shelton, the guy behind all those great Broadway-themed dinners when he was at the Music Hall at Fair Park.

His New American menu focuses on food as art. So that means everything will be as eye-delicious as it is mouth-delicious.  That translates to colorful, visually appealing ingredients that combine to create an equally tantalizing variety of textures on the palate.

dal-02_07_14(2)Creativity abounds, whether it’s his take on spaghetti and meatballs that’s actually a lettuce cup filled with soba noodles and Asian spiced meatballs or pan-seared scallops accompanied by red quinoa, creamed bok choy, and quick pick radish (pictured).

Every dish provides the pop of color for the new interiors by Stefania Morandi, which have a minimalistic gallery feel of black, white and grays.

Four months will come and go before you know it, so hurry in to experience Chef Shelton’s culinary vision.

After all, his days are numbered.

Kitchen LTO
3011 Gulden Lane, Suite 108, Dallas

Photo Credit: Claire McCormack