Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Knotty & Nice


We’ve already started bracing ourselves. Because now that gay marriage is becoming legal left and right, Valentine’s Day is going to be as big for proposals in the LGBT community as it is in hetero one. (Which means, steer clear of nice restaurants or they’ll be interrupting your meal all night long with oohs, ahhs and rings hidden in heart-shaped crème brûlées.)

Even with the progress made this weekend by the Justice Department, we still have a ways to go before gay marriage is recognized in every state.

That’s where Tie The Knot comes in. The organization (co-founded by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband Justin Mikita) works tirelessly to help other organizations fight for the civil rights of every LGBT American.

Tie The Knot’s mascot is an owl because it symbolizes wisdom, foresight, perspective and patience. (Something tells us the Chick-fil-A cows don’t have nearly that much thought behind them.)

Rather than simply ask for donations, however, Tie The Knot has created a line of limited edition bow ties and skinny ties sold through the Tie Bar. Purchase one (or 63 dozen) and all proceeds go to the Human Rights Campaign, the Respect for Marriage Coalition, or other groups that need help pursuing this cause that’s important to us all.

There’s even a limited edition Burning Love candle featuring their signature owl for anyone who doesn’t wear ties, but still wants to participate in the fun.

So whether you’re gay, straight, or somewhere in between, please join us in supporting Tie The Knot.

After all, the more gays that get married, the more lucrative our for-profit Sever The Tie gay-divorce site will be when it launches later this year.

What, too cynical?

Tie The Knot