Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Spoon This


Brrrrr. Again.

It’s not supposed to be this cold in Texas, but we’re actually not complaining. Because when the temperature dips, our mind turns to snuggling up with a big, hot, steaming bowl of pho.

And Miss Chi Vietnamese has our absolute favorite in all of Dallas.

Simple and no-frills, it’s perfection nonetheless. There are a handful of varieties, but the pho beef combination with its rare steak, meatball, brisket and tendon resting in a rich, nuanced broth and rice noodles is the best. Load it up with bunches of torn basil and experience the single best way to warm up from the inside out on a frigid day.

Add an order of pork and shrimp egg rolls and you won’t be hungry for hours.

But you’ll be dreaming of a return visit just minutes after you exit the restaurant.

Good thing they’ve got pho to go for a midnight snack.

Miss Chi Vietnamese
6030 Luther Lane (Preston Center), Suite 130, Dallas

Photo Credit: Joy Zhang