Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Be Your Own Valentine


If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? -RuPaul

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of knowledge and peace of mind. We know, chocolates are so much more appealing, but we’ve been thinking about the importance of getting tested for STDs.

Romantic, right?

But seriously, knowing our status is important not just to us, but the men we “hug in that special way.” Getting blood work done at a regular physician’s office can be expensive, though, so we decided to try the Nelson-Tebedo Clinic, run by Resource Center.

After attending and promoting so many parties that benefit Resource Center, it was incredible to experience what they offer first-hand. And we were so amazed by the experience, we wanted to make sure everyone knows what a truly great privilege it is to have this kind of service available in our community.

Almost one in five people infected with HIV don’t even know it. So it’s vital that anyone who’s sexually active get tested regularly. At Nelson-Tebedo, confidential one-minute Rapid HIV Antibody and Early Detection screening is free. FREE. And you get a syphilis test thrown in just for batting your eyelashes and smiling pretty.

They also offer additional STD testing for a small fee, including anonymous HIV, Hepatitis A/B/C,  Herpes and Gonorrhea/Chlamydia.

Because even though you live for the applause, you could still end up with the clap.

Resource Center Nelson-Tebedo Clinic
4012 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas
Testing Hotline: 214-393-3700