Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

You Versus A Volcano


Somewhere between Ricky Martin and Anderson Cooper lies a Cirque du Soleil acrobat. The list, of course, is our Under the Covers Dream Team.

Because not only are Cirque du Soleil performers incredibly limber and all-around bendy, they’re also chiseled mounds of muscle with the grace of butterflies. Starting tonight, we’ll be hanging around outside the cast trailers for Varekai, the latest show to sommersault into town.

Set in a magical forest at the summit of a volcano, the colorful and fast-paced spectacular follows a (hot) young man who falls from the sky and sets off on an adventure filled with unusual creatures who just happen to know all sorts of gymnastic tricks.

Unlike other productions that take residence for weeks, Varekai is only here for eight performances.

Or as we like to interpret that, eight chances to find a svelte guy who can put his legs behind his head while twirling fire and balancing two balls on his forehead.

Tonight-February 23

Tickets: $50-$149 at ticketmaster.com