Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Coupling. With A Beat.


Just when you thought all the sappiness of Valentine’s Day was over, here we go throwing a fun, sexy music video your way.

But we can’t get enough of Matt Zarley’s lead single, “Somebody 4 Everybody” from his upcoming fourth studio album, Hopeful Romantic. The OutMusic Award-winning singer/songwriter has created a song so celebratory of the LGBT experience that we predict this will be the new anthem at every gay wedding reception.

The video features the Moto Blanco Radio Edit, but there are a total of seven remixes available for download if you’re like us and want to hear it on an endless loop.

In fact, if you peak through our window, it’s pretty much guaranteed this will be the song blaring as we vacuum, dust and fold laundry.

OK, that’s a lie. It’s the song that’ll be blaring as we sit on the couch drinking wine while watching figure skating on mute.

“Somebody 4 Everybody”, Matt Zarley
$6.99 for all seven remixes on iTunes
$6.93 at Amazon.com