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Pease, Thank You


Smart. Funny. Handsome. We’d hate Jordan Pease if we could, but he’s so darn cute we simply can’t.

While winding down his national Young, Hot & Gay comedy tour, the author of Accidentally Okay, A Memoir took time out from making audiences laugh to give us flat-out hysterical fits.

Gay List Daily: So, Young Hot and Gay. Is that the content of your act or your “What I’m Looking For” listing on Scruff?
Jordan Pease: I prefer older men or guys that have survived at least one drug overdose.  Because let’s face it, if you are dating me you’re probably going to experience about three more.

GLD: When Googling your name, this is the first image that comes up: Pretty savvy marketing on your part.
JP: Hey, marginally attractive sells! Just look at Seth Rogen.  I can remember this moment like it was yesterday. I was 19, playing soccer in Italy and Germany with my gay soccer team, The San Francisco Spikes. And by playing, I mean getting tanked off about a gallon of red wine, snorkeling, then falling asleep on the toilet which rested politely in the shower.  #multitalented

GLD: You released your first memoir last year. Was revealing intimate details of your life in print scarier than on stage?
JP: Eh, I’m dead on the inside. I have two emotions- ridiculously happy/goofy and panic attack. I think I feel more nervous for the characters in my book and the people in my standup material than I do for myself.  I’m a total piece of shit… but I’m adorable. I have it coming! I’m sure one day I’ll vomit on stage or have explosive diarrhea at a book signing.  But hey, it’s going to turn into material!

GLD: What’s the one story you regret telling?
JP: I was really into this guy, which is RARE for me, so I invited him to my show thinking he’d see me shine on stage and shortly after I finished preforming, he would ravage me in the public restroom.  Somehow towards the end of my set, the words, “The guy I’m exchanging blow jobs with is here tonight! Stand up!” In which he refused. So, like most sociopaths, I had the entire audience cheer him on, and repeat his name over and over again until he rose to his feet. Once he was standing, blushing and embarrassed, I had the audience rate him on a scale of 1 through 10 based solely on his looks.  As soon as there was a general consensus on how attractive my date was, my mouth continued, “I like having sex with _______ because it gives me time to think about what I have to do tomorrow.”

I killed.

He never spoke to me again. But fuck him, he got a 9!

GLD: Talk about your comedy tour a bit. How has it been received on the road? Three nights in Boise is pretty impressive.
JP: The Young, Hot and Gay Tour is such a success! We have experienced more love across this country than I ever expected. Free shots, free meals, even complete strangers inviting us to their weddings! It’s insane. We have sold out in Boise, Denver, and in Novi, Michigan! Boise stole my heart. I want to tape my special there! Boise audiences are just down ya’ know? They smoke cheap cigarettes, they drink beer, and they honestly don’t give a damn whether you’re gay, straight, black, fat, broke- they just want you to make them smile and be positive. I fell head over heels in love with Boise and The Idaho Laugh Fest.

GLD: What’s your craziest on-the-road story to date?
JP: I spent a week in Mexico with 30 other comics for the Cabo Comedy Festival. The only hint I’ll give you is that I traded my beat up Converse for a sandwich bag full of weed on the beach. Use your imagination.

GLD: You wrote your first blog post on January 12…2011. Any idea when the second one might go live?
JP: Instagram and twitter are my real blog: @jordanpease1
I write for the Huffington Postas well! It’s such a great medium for comics and writers. Plus they let me swear and quote pop stars. It’s a win-win.

GLD: What celebrities are you loving to hate right now?
JP: I usually try to respect celebrities since most people don’t fathom the hard work and stress that goes into a career in the public eye. BUT, with that said, I can’t stand Will.I.Am. If even Fergie, an ex-meth head, says you’re annoying and hard to work with, I’m gonna believe it. His music does nothing for me, his style is off, and he’s stuck in the closet.

GLD: You just performed in Colorado for two nights. How has it changed since the whole legalized pot thing?
JP: If someone had never told you Marijuana was legal in Colorado, you would never know.  The streets are spotless, the dispensaries are gorgeous, and you smell weed far less than you would just walking past a high school in Los Angeles.  For the public, prices to get a great high are pretty steep. But for medical patients, it’s close to California prices. All I could really say was after spending 4 days in Denver, I didn’t witness any bar fights, frat boy brawls, or road rage. Everyone seemed to be smiling, maybe even a little too much!

GLD: What’s next for you? Any more books? Tattoos? Naked photos in laundry baskets?
JP: More books. More Laughs. More tattoos. Less clothing. Plus keep your eye on the television, soon you won’t be able to get rid of me!

GLD: Anything else you want the big gay world to know about sexy Jordan Pease?
JP: Dream big, keep supporting live comedy, and thanks for the wonderful support.

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