Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Geek. Spray. Love.


The entire world can be summed up by the characters in The Breakfast Club: brain, athlete, basket case, princess and criminal.

In the gay universe, look no further than Grindr to see how our culture is segmented: bear, clean-cut, daddy, discreet, geek, jock, leather, otter, poz, rugged, trans and twink.

So, what do straight and gay society have in common? Surprisingly, it’s not princesses. Instead, one major overlap is among the brains and the geeks. Hetero or homo, intelligence is a trait to celebrate in all its occasionally awkward manifestations.

usa-02_25_14(2)Just as a chiseled set of abs or dimpled grin can be sexy, so is a guy with thick-framed glasses who can sync our iPad, iPhone, MacBook and Apple TV together with a little cloud storage on the side. (Hubba hubba.)

Now, there’s a fragrance created especially for these geniuses among us: Eau de Nerd.

Available in both Nerd XY and Nerd XX, the guys’ scent is subtly woodsy with floral notes and a hint of cooling mint, while the women’s perfume is a crisp, clean fragrance with dashes of jasmine and fresh carnations.

If this is what all nerds smell like, we like it.

Whether or not pouring gallons of Nerd XY around the perimeter of our house will attract legions of them to our front door remains to be seen.

Yet because Eau de Nerd was created in a laboratory, we do have science on our side.

Eau de Nerd, $6.28-$31.41