Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bark The Vote


American politics went to the dogs long ago. But now, more literally. As we approach the dawn of dog mayors in cities across the nation, we’re just a few steps away from an all-bitch Congress,  butt-sniffing Supreme Court and the first neutered President of the United States.

We’re hardly opposed, though. We love our dogs. And now the power to elect canine leaders is in your hands as DOGTV presents their “My Dog for Mayor!” campaign.

Between now and March 11, nominate your pooch through DOGTV’s Facebook page and explain why your dog should be named mayor of your city. Just be prepared, because the competition will be vicious.

One of our dogs, for instance, has a pretty persuasive agenda: Affordable veterinary healthcare, LGBT (Labrador, Greyhound, Bulldog, Toy Poodle) marriage equality, and increased funding for the War on Terriers.

But there are still 99 other cities in need of K9 mayors, so go ahead and upload a photo and describe why your hound is the best possible candidate. Three nominees will be chosen for each town prior to an online election.

Even if your four-legged beast doesn’t win, you’ll enjoy a few political bribes from DOGTV, including a one-month subscription to DOGTV Online just for registering. Runners up and winners will get longer subscriptions and memberships to PetBox, a monthly treat and toy delivery service for Fido.

Ain’t democracy grand.

The My Dog for Mayor Contest
Nominate your dog at Facebook.com