Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Fringe With Benefits


Experimentation is always fun. In cooking, in fashion, in bed. But one of the places it gets us most excited is on the stage.

This week, WaterTower Theatre Producing Artistic Director and Loop Executive Producer Terry Martin present the 2014 Out of the Loop Fringe Festival, a celebration of theater, dance, music and art.

Among the seven world premieres and 12 new artists and companies making their festival debut is Falling Man, a one-man show about a diverse group of gay men. Brandon Simmons brings to life a former drag queen, a male hustler who’s body is taken over by the spirit of Tennessee Williams, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and a former cha-cha champion who simply wants to be remembered after he’s gone.

But there’s much more to explore at this 10-day festival, so watch the preview (above) or peruse the schedule for the can’t-miss performances, whether you’re seeking comedy, drama, dance or one delightful absurdist fairy tale.

With any luck, your experimental phase will never end.

2014 Out of the Loop Fringe Festival
Falling Man
Stone Cottage Theatre, March 11, 14, 15

15650 Addison Road, Addison
Full schedule and details at watertowertheatre.org