Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Princess Lea


Shivers. Head-to-toe, hair-raising, teary-eyed shivers.

Few singers elicit much emotion from us at all, let alone near-earth-shaking goosebumps. Yet Lea Michele achieves that performance after performance, whether it’s on the Broadway stage or as Rachel Berry on Glee.

Tomorrow, however, you’ll be able to take her epic vocals anywhere you go when her debut album, LOUDER, drops. Filled with power ballads and emotionally heartbreaking lyrics (not surprising given the sudden death last year of boyfriend Cory Monteith), it’s the perfect showcase for her particular brand of show-stopping.

We’ve always been fans, but even more so because of strength and dignity she’s shown the world the past few months.  Here’s hoping LOUDER is the first of many albums to come.

Our goosebumps are standing by in eager anticipation.

Louder, Lea Michele
Releases tomorrow, March 4
$12.99 on iTunes (includes three bonus tracks)
$11.88 at amazon.com