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Sleep Is The New Sex

zeo-sleep-managerYes, sleep is the new sex.

It’s true–we’ve been hearing it everywhere from the subway to the Starbucks line. People can’t seem to get enough … literally. We’re sure you’ve heard it too, those elaborate fantasies of Ambien-induced sweet slumber or the near fetish-like frenzy that people have developed around thread counts. Well, if you are one of those folks (yes, I include myself in that group), or you’re just wondering how you can get the most out of those six-to-nine hours of shut-eye, we’ve got a pretty cool lil’ gizmo for you. It’s called the Zeo Sleep Manager.

Basically, it’s a sleep monitor that consists of a sensor headband that tracks your sleep stages through the night and an iOS app that sorts through all the data. It also gives you a colorful and easy-to-read chart to help you see where you’re getting really good sleep, and where you are not in the zone. The Zeo also provides customized pointers and tips on how to get a better night sleep based on your sleep pattern. Oh, and it also acts as an alarm, waking you up at the just the right point in your sleep cycle. Pretty cool, huh?

There you have it, a $100 toy to help make it longer, deeper and better … one night at a time.

For more information, visit Zeo Sleep Manager