Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Working The Spread


“That would be hilarious on a T-shirt.”

We say that on an almost daily basis, whether it’s referencing a friend’s witty quip over dinner, a random comment our mother makes that’s so wonderfully, unintentionally funny, or the last words of a convict strapped into the electric chair.

But getting a single T-shirt custom-imprinted can either be too expensive, too complicated or take too much time.

Pennsylvania-based Spreadshirt eliminates all of that with an easy-to-use interface that makes it faster and easier than ever for a hilarious one-liner to go from your lips to the front of your chest.

They’ve also got an arsenal of already designed graphics and funny phrases, including tons of gay options. (Dirty ones, too!)

Plus, they’ve got way more than shirts. Design your own bags, mugs, caps, pillow cases and women’s thong underwear (if that’s your thing). You get delivery of the finished product within four to eight business days, depending on shipping method chosen.

Featuring a huge selection of styles, colors and manufacturers, the possibilities are truly endless.

Just like Sunday night’s Academy Awards.


Use code GAYLISTDAILY through April 30 for 10% off your order.