Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Nekkid & Famous


As a young gay, we didn’t have access to the same amount of hot man-flesh that kids these days enjoy. So that meant getting creative. Mostly scouring through the cable guide in search of the letter N, which indicated HBO was about to show a movie with nudity!!

More often than not, however, the N was of the female variety, which ended up making us very well-versed in cinema of the 1980s rather than exposing us to the many varieties of the male form.

Well, we’re about to make up for lost time thanks to Mr. Man, a new web site from the creators of Mr. Skin, the world’s foremost authority on celebrity nudity. Now, you can join the site and browse through the most extensive collection of naked male celebrity photos and videos we’ve ever seen.

Their motto, like their sister site, is “fast-forwarding to the good parts” and that’s exactly what they do.

Search by celebrity name (Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor), star-rating based on amount of nudity, even the decade of the movie or TV show’s release. Or skip to the playlist section, chock full of categories like Threesomes, Orgies, and MORE!, Straight Men in Gay Roles and Full Frontals of the Famous.

If a dude’s been nude in Hollywood, these guys are gonna know. And after a multi-day research period, we’ve practically got the database memorized, too.

Still trying to cleanse our memory of all those Gérard Depardieu photos.

Mr. Man (NSFW, obviously)
$8 per month with yearly membership; $20 per month otherwise