Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lucky Seven


My car broke down.

I’m late for my anal bleaching.

A shark bit off my legs and arms.

No more excuses. If you’re a gym hater, but still want a rockin’ summer bod, it’s gonna take more than just a few carefully directed prayers and a can of Slim-Fast.

usa-03_13_14You need to work out. What you don’t need is an entire afternoon. In fact, with the new iPhone app for the famous 7 Minute Workout, in less time than it takes to get through Act 1 of a Real Housewives episode, you can be on the road to fitness (without even having to hit the road).

All that’s required is a chair. No special equipment required (other than your iPhone, of course).

Simply perform 12 exercises for 30 seconds each, resting for 10 in between. Each exercise includes an HD video of a certified personal trainer demonstrating the proper technique. Over time, the noticeable results will make you glad you spent the $1.99 on the app.

It’s so convenient, you can squeeze in a workout anytime, anywhere.

Even if you’ve already got one of those fancy $200/month health club memberships.

7 Minute Workout App – Quick Fit
$1.99 on iTunes