Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Memoiry Dearest


When a standup comic gets a TV show, he has arrived.

When a blogger publishes a book, he has arrived, as well.

(Plus, it makes the dream of accepting a Best Original Screenplay Award for our provocative musical-horror-culture-clash-comedy Freddy vs. Jason vs. Krystle vs. Alexis seem that much more probable.)

usa-03_18_14(2)But until then, you’ll want to spend your time reading the new memoir Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? from blogger extraordinaire, Kenneth M. Walsh of Kenneth in the (212) fame.

We knew we were going to love the entire book from the second paragraph of the first chapter when his dark sense of humor shined bright like a demented diamond:

“How I envied those two. Not only were their parents dead, they got to live in a glamorous high-rise apartment building in Manhattan…”

The fact that he’s referencing Buffy and Jody from the schmaltzy ‘60s sitcom, Family Affair, only makes us want to have his butt babies that much more.

Every chapter sings with details that bring his familiar-but-unique childhood to life with remarkable dexterity, able to switch from introspection and heartbreaking tales of addiction to laugh-out-loud moments of sheer hilarity.

As for his involvement with the KKK, a quest for new balls and his connection with the porn world, well, you’ll just have to read about all that for yourself.

Because we bloggers gotta stick together. And make money.

Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? A Memoir by Kenneth M. Walsh
$16.08 paperback; $9.99 Kindle at amazon.com