Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Aline Invasion

usa-03_19_14Meet our new favorite New Yorker: Aline Queen.

Born in Belgium, the pop singer has been fascinated with gender identity and transformation from the moment she dressed up neighborhood boys in girls’ clothing. (Meanwhile, we had to sneak into our mom’s wig closet and kaftan drawer when she left for the Vienna sausage outlet.)

Within the NYC scene, she’s viewed as a major ally of the LGBT community, but we think she’s destined to become iconic beyond the five boroughs.

Her new single, “Princess Boy” features a young man experimenting with fashion, gender and self-acceptance. It’s an anthem of love for anyone different and its message is universal beyond mere transgender celebration.

The video is visually bold and the song is immediately catchy.

With only three singles released so far, we eagerly await the next move from this rising star. Because if she’s gonna support us, we’re sure as hell gonna support her.

It’s what every good Princess Boy does.

Princess Boy
$.99 on iTunes & amazon.com