Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lose Your Hair. On Purpose.


We HATE to shave.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it 13 times. (And yes, that’s an exact number our intern determined after three days reading every story we’ve ever written. Good thing he’s not getting paid!)

But we’ll never stop protesting.

We despise everything from the act of lathering up to the actual process of gliding sharp blades across our awe-inspiring jawline. What we hate even more, however, is the huge expense associated with going from Scruff-worthy to Grindr-bait in a matter of minutes.

We’ve written about cheap blades once before (damn, our intern’s good), but we’ve found a service that’s even more affordable and easy to use.

Say hello to 800razors.com, an online biz that’s taken the guesswork completely out of ordering razor handles and blades.

Rather than too many choices, they have one great razor: a five-blade beauty with a weighted handle and non-slip grip. The blades have large lubricated strips loaded with aloe and Vitamin E.

For 20 bucks (and a nickel to spare), you get one handle and a full dozen blades. Order once and be done or select the every-four-month automatic delivery option. Even shipping is free.

Now with all the money we’re saving, we’re going to treat our intern to anything he wants.

Off the Mickey D’s Dollar Menu.