Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Just Chill Already


We can’t wait for Hell to freeze over.

Because we’ll finally be able to keep our liquor nice and cold without those high Hell electricity bills.

And deep in the snowbanks of the new underworld tundra, you’ll find us drinking Wódka, a deliciously inexpensive distilled rye spirit best known for its ongoing campaign of controversial comparisons regarding its position in the marketplace.

Past descriptions of Wódka include:

Escort Quality. Hooker Pricing.

Movie Star Quality. Reality Star Pricing.

Even Christmas Quality. Hanukkah Pricing.

We discovered their latest while rollerskating through Tampa last week. Good thing we were wearing knee pads (like we ever take them off) because one sight of their latest billboard made us fall right to the ground in hysterics.


So showing two men kissing with the words “God Loves Us” and the comparison of “E-Quality” to “Westboro Baptist Pricing” is right in line with their contentious copywriting.

And what great timing, given the current circumstances surrounding the founder of the anti-gay, God Hates Fags congregation.

The people at Panache Beverages who make the vodka say this is just the first of their “E-Quality” campaigns, so we can’t wait to see more from Wódka on the topic.

Kinda makes our wagina tingle.

Wódka Vodka, $11.99 750ml