Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Sweetie, Darling


While many gay men turn up their noses at desserts, we embrace them. Sometimes literally. There’s nothing like rolling around in a good vat of crème brûlée.

But when we do choose to indulge, we don’t want to waste calories. So we turned to the Countess of Cupcakes, the High Priestess of Pastries, the Seductress of Sweets herself, Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Ice Cream and Cookies. Here are her favorite places to get her sugar fix in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Place: La Duni
Item: Quatro Leches Cake
Why I Love It: Every dessert lover has tried tres leches cake, but the artisans at La Duni take this sweet classic to the next level using not three, but four kinds of milk.

Place: Tillman’s Roadhouse
Item: Tableside S’mores
Why I Love It: What’s better than roasting s’mores? Roasting them tableside using maple, orange and chicory marshmallows, and sandwiching them between cinnamon grahams and dark chocolate bark. It invokes fun childhood memories and is my favorite way to end dinner at Tillman’s Roadhouse.

Place: Charleston’s
Item: Key Lime Pie
Why I Love It: Like a true key lime pie should, Charleston’s version boasts a canary yellow, creamy center and is served with a heaping mound of homemade whipped cream on top – the perfect combo of sweet and tart.

Place: City Cafe to Go
Item: Blum’s Caramel Crunch Cake
Why I Love It: It’s big enough to share, and you get a piece of coffee crunch in every bite of espresso-infused angel food cake. In no time flat, this dessert disappears.

Place: Hypnotic Donuts
Item: Sopaipilla Loren Glazed Donut
Why I Love It: This decadent donut is simple yet so delicious. It’s a classic glazed donut dipped in sweet honey and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, a nod to the popular tortilla version served in some of my favorite Mexican restaurants.

Place: Dude, Sweet Chocolate
Item: Stingray fudge
Why I Love It: When I need a concentrated chocolate fix, Dude, Sweet Chocolate is my go-to spot. Made with Peruvian chocolate, pecans soaked in Texas Stingray Rum, blackstrap molasses and vanilla bean … this indulgence has vibrant, complex flavors.

Warning: Do not attempt to try all these treats in one day. Because that would make Dr. Oz cry.

Not to mention your waistband.