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Travel With A Full Deck


If you’re one of those tourists who seeks out the Chili’s in Puerto Vallarta, the Gap in Prague or a Starbucks in, well, anywhere, then stop reading now.

If you’re an adventurous traveler hoping to absorb as much local culture as possible when vacationing, this product’s pretty cool.

usa-03_24_14(2)For many of us, going off the beaten path is second nature. The sketchier, the better. But even we need a little motivation from time to time. That’s why we love the Anywhere Travel Guide, a deck of 75 cards to inspire exploration created by Magda Lipka Falck. There’s even an app version that we love even more.

Whether you’re across the world or just across town, each card is designed to provoke adventure.

Find the highest point in the city accessible by walking. Go there. Enjoy the view.

Choose a person on the street. Make this person your guide. Follow him/her as long as possible. See the city through his/her eyes.

Choose the longest way today, the most inconvenient, difficult, and unnecessary. Notice the route and the obstacles.

Most options guarantee that you’ll experience something you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Especially if that guy you’re stalking following is cute.

Anywhere Travel Guide by Magda Lipka Falck
$11.05 cards; $7.69 Kindle at amazon.com
$.99 on iTunes