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Find Your Guru

BetterflyImageIt’s no secret that the journey to self-improvement is, at best, a jagged road riddled with temptation,piss-poor judgment, and enough self-loathing to fuel some seriously epic hangovers. It’s also no revelation that having someone there to give you a few pointers on your path to a better life could save you from choosing that ‘roided-up-psycho trainer or that beginning French tutor you found who didn’t speak a lick of English.

Well, the folks at Betterfly.com feel your pain and have site to help find the right guru for you. Founded by a New Yorker tired of working towards self-improvement with dip-shit tutors, he created a one-to-one network connecting local experts in hundreds of areas with motivated go-getters.

To start the hunt, you can either supply your zip code and comb through local “betterists,” who can help you with everything from drum lessons to personal training, or browse through 1000+ categories and add the areas you’d like assistance in to your home page.  So, whether it’s cooking, web design, competitive eating, or say pottery, you can finally make that, uh, Raku sugar bowl. At Betterfly.com, it’s less about “the best” and more about “the best fit” for you, your skill level and location. The site also has a community-driven, five-star rating system and in-depth reviews from verified clients, who have the option of posting anonymously should their master yoga instructor turn out to be proficient in only three poses.

Remember too that once you’ve got your craft down you can become a guru for someone else. After all, that journey to self-improvement pretty much ends the moment you find someone worse off than you, right?. Well, maybe not…but it does feel good to give back.

For more information, visit Betterfly.com